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descriptionFrom its commitment to global leadership in boutique technology banking, to its affinity for entrepreneurial achievement, AGC Partners is a company that exemplifies high creative energy and competitive drive. Our continued passion is to discover and work with exciting entrepreneurs and growth companies, helping them to achieve their lifelong work and corporate vision.
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Mike C.
Partner - Executive Committee
Management Consulting
Validated reviewer
Apr 24, 2018
Merger and Acquisition Advisory
rating comments
AGC Partners did a great job in the transaction execution in driving the deal to closure.
Willingness To Recommend
I would strongly recommend AGC Partners and Dennis Rourke in particular for an M&A transaction engagement.
AGC Partners and Dennis Rourke providing excellent judgment and guidance throughout the process of the engagement.
Communication with the team and board of directors was timely and helped guide LogFire through an intense and lengthy process.
The AGC Partners team has significant expertise in merger & acquisition transactions.
Industry Knowledge
AGC Partners has significant knowledge of the supply chain execution space.
What did you like best about your expertise with the Firm?

The AGC Partners team really supported management and worked as an extension of the finance team.

What did you like least about your expertise with the Firm?

Nothing noted.

What recommendations would you make to other businesses considering engaging this Firm?

I would recommend that other firms considering engaging this firm to investigate transaction experience as the industry and deep M&A experience was crucial to the success.

What recommendations would you make to the Firm?

I do not have any recommendations for AGC Partners.

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