Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

BankerAdvisor is committed to earning the trust of users. Below are the guidelines that we operate by to ensure BankerAdvisor is the most valued and trusted source of information to find and select business banking and investment services such as investment banking, commercial banking and investment management advisory services.

Keeping our ratings authentic

We require the use of a LinkedIn™ account to validate a BankerAdvisor user’s identity and employment history to authenticate the user’s role. We do not allow users to review services for current or former employers or competitors. We will not publish reviews by users that cannot be authenticated.

  • All reviews are verified. All reviews are previewed by our team prior to being approved for publishing on BankerAdvisor. Reviews that do not meet our submission requirements will not be published pending further investigation and authentication.
  • BankerAdvisor values validated reviews from authenticated clients and does not contribute or edit user review content.
  • We reserve the right to withhold publishing reviews or removing reviews that do not meet minimum quality standards, including but not limited to those that contain inappropriate comments, unrelated content, or defamatory remarks. We also reserve the right to withhold publishing reviews, comments, or other user-contributed content, for which the user’s LinkedIn™ profile is incomplete or missing critical information that would help us validate the user’s identity.
  • BankerAdvisor users should report any concerns on a review, and a BankerAdvisor team member will investigate and provide a response. We encourage our user community to utilize this feature and help identify reviews or comments that are inappropriate and should be removed.
  • Firms listed on BankerAdvisor cannot modify or remove reviews upon request or otherwise influence BankerAdvisor as to the content. We do not modify or remove reviews at a firm’s request or act as fact finders to facilitate disputes between firms and clients.

Protecting our users’ privacy

  • We do not share your data with outside sources for any reason without your express permission.
  • We require users to login via their LinkedIn™ profiles to validate user and reviewer identity for authentication purposes only. We will not access your connections' contact information or message your connections.
  • We will not share any information to any social network on behalf of a reviewer.
  • We understand that business relationships between customers and service providers may require discretion. BankerAdvisor provides users with the option to have any of their reviews posted without identifying information (their name, photo, company) accompanying the review. These reviews are validated using the information provided by the user, but an “unattributed” review will display only the user’s current role and industry. BankerAdvisor will not public share the user's information or with the firm the user reviewed.

Encouraging participation.

  • All firms have the opportunity to be listed, submit or claim their firm’s profile and participate on BankerAdvisor.
  • We recommend that firms encourage their clients to write authentic reviews on BankerAdvisor.
  • We welcome all user feedback on BankerAdvisor and a team member will provide a response as soon as possible.