FAQs for Service Providers

How do I access the profile description for my firm?

If you are employed by the firm with a valid email tied to your firm’s domain, you can claim the firm’s listing. Users that claim the listing should be appropriately authorized by the firm. Reminder: BankerAdvisor requires registration using your LinkedIn account.

Is there a fee to claim my firm’s profile?

No. Claimed profiles are free. All valid and verified profiles are automatically upgraded to Professional listings, which have additional features and options. You can always upgrade your subscription, too.

How do I create a listing for my firm on BankerAdvisor?

Sign into BankerAdvisor via LinkedIn and select the “Get Listed” link. Then, select your Service Category and Services Offerings. We’ll review your listing against our Community Guidelines and publish your listing within 3 business days. Your listing will be automatically upgraded to a free Professional subscription plan. You can always upgrade to premium plans.

How do I get my firm’s listing removed from BankerAdvisor?

If you believe a listing is fraudulent or inappropriate, contact us at [email protected]. However, if you simply don’t want your firm on our site, or you don’t like your reviews, that’s not a reason for us to remove your listing. We are a review site and have the most comprehensive database in the industry. We adhere to standards regarding published content, and include listings — claimed or not — as a resource for buyers of financial services.

What email will BankerAdvisor use to contact my company?

All email contact will be sent to the email address associated with the user profile that claimed ownership of the firm’s profile. If that primary contact has changed, left the firm, etc. email us at [email protected].

How do I make changes to my firm’s listing and profile description?

If you haven’t already claimed your listing, claim it. Click your firm’s name and under the summary is a “Claim Profile” button. Click it and submit your information. If you’ve already claimed your profile just login to the user profile page and start editing.

What is the difference between a Service Category and a Service Type?

Service Categories include Investment Banks, Commercial Banks and Investment Management. Services Types of services offering from providers in a Service Category such as Merger & Acquisition Advisory in Investment Banks or Credit and Debt Financing in Commercial Banks. In order to provide greater value in the review to our user community, we ask our users to review their experiences with specific Service Types.

My firm offers services in several Service Categories (investment banking, commercial banking, investment management), how do I add these to my firm’s profile?

BankerAdvisor listings are organized in directories based on Service Categories (Investment Banking, Commercial Banking, Investment Management) to help our user community locate the categories, service types and firms and to provide Services Providers with a better opportunity to profile and market their services. Financial service providers that offer services in more than one Service Category can claim their firm’s profile listing can claim the listing in the applicable categories. If your firm’s listing does not appear in a category, you can create a listing for that category with Get Listed.

Can a client leave a review if they do not have a LinkedIn account?

No, clients are required to register via LinkedIn as part of our review authentication process to help us ensure that the review reflects a valid customer experience and reduce the risk of fraudulent reviews.

Why do BankerAdvisor users have to register and sign in through LinkedIn to leave a review?

BankerAdvisor provides the most insightful and detailed reviews about banking from actual clients. In keeping with our standards, we use LinkedIn accounts to authenticate and validate a reviewer’s identity and profile. For more information regarding our quality assurance process, please see our Community Guidelines.

How do I access the analytics for my firm’s profile listing?

Basic listings (unclaimed) are automatically upgraded to Professional listings when the profile is claimed by the firm. With a Professional listing, users have access to additional features such as analytics on your firm’s profile page and the ability to update your firm’s listing profile and more. Also, with a Professional listing you have access to upgrades such as Premium listing subscription and marketing opportunities.

What is the difference between a Basic, Professional and Premium Listings?

Basic listings have information that BankerAdvisor has created. Claimed firm profiles are created by the listed firm themselves and are automatically upgraded to Professional listing subscription providing access to analytics and other features and verified. Premium listings are firms that have subscribed to promotional placement in the search results. Search results indicate firms with Premium listings and site visitors can sort listings based on criteria of reviews and ratings, etc. For more detail, see service plans.

What does Verified listing mean?

A Verified directory listing has been claimed by a verified user. In addition, verified signifies that BankerAdvisor has performed research confirming the firm’s background including regulatory and other third-party sources.

What kinds of questions are covered by the review process?

Our review process varies by the Service Category and asks users to rate a variety of services focused areas on a particular Service Type. For example, expertise, industry knowledge, communication, willingness to recommend and others for Investment Banks. For other Service Categories, users are asked to rate customer services, fees and costs, communication, trust and confidence, ease of doing business, value and willingness to recommend.

A client submitted a review and it is not showing up on the site?

All submitted reviews are required to be approved through our verification process which includes reviewer authentication, adherence to our standards and our Community Guidelines. Once the approval and verification process has been completed, the review will be published.

How do we get reviews for our profile?

BankerAdvisor encourages service providers to invite customers to submit reviews on the platform. Service providers that solicit reviews from their customers in exchange for an incentive should ensure that they adhere to our Community Guidelines.

We are soliciting reviews from our customers and offering incentives, does this violate any policy of BankerAdvisor?

No, we encourage service providers to ask their customers for reviews on our platform. Many firms find that offering a nominal incentive for reviews to service provider firms on BankerAdvisor. Service providers must offer the incentives to all reviewers irrespective of whether the reviews are positive ratings or negative ratings and not be used to influence the reviews. BankerAdvisor may also market incentives encouraging users to provide reviews in our email campaigns. Please refer to our Community Guidelines for additional information.

We do not agree with the content of a review, how do we get the review removed?

BankerAdvisor strives to be an independent online review platform that facilitates comprehensive feedback on service providers. Visitors that become registered users are encouraged to submit reviews on our site that are subject to our reviewer verification and authentication process prior to being published. As a result, we do not seek feedback or approval from service providers on submitted reviews prior to publishing nor remove published reviews unless it is determined that the review fails to comply with our Community Guidelines.

How do I report a fake or fraudulent review?

If you believe that a review may be fake, fraudulent or based on untrue information, please email your concerns to [email protected]. Please include a reference to the firm and a link to the review along with information supporting your concern.

Can a service provider opt out of customer reviews?

BankerAdvisor’s goal is to be the most comprehensive review platform for financial services to provide our user community with specific and in-depth customer feedback. As a result, we do not offer service providers with the option of opting out of customer reviews. Submitted reviews that meet our standards and conform with Community Guidelines are published following our editorial review, authentication and verification process.

Does BankerAdvisor share the contact information of a reviewer with a service provider?

No, BankerAdvisor does not share any reviewer contact information provided or available through the registration and verification process with services providers. All reviewer information is limited to certain information published with a review (unless the reviewer has selected “unattributed”) and all user information remains confidential.

Can a service provider request a reviewer to remove a review that has been published?

No, service providers should not contact reviewers for the purpose of asking a reviewer to modify or remove a review. These actions violate our Community Guidelines, subject to further investigation by our editorial team and could result in actions or penalties on the service provider’s account.