FAQs for Verification & Publishing

What constitutes a conflict of interest in a review?

BankerAdvisor defines an inherent conflict of interest in a review when a review is submitted by anyone that is employed or was previously employed by a service provider either directly or indirectly, anyone with a financial interest or other interest in the rating of the review or potential impact of the review including but not limited to reviews of competitors.

Does BankerAdvisor publish negative reviews?

Yes. BankerAdvisor believes that comprehensive and in-depth reviews of a customer’s experience provide the most useful insight for prospective customers regardless of the ultimate rating. Robust customer reviews featuring specific feedback coupled with a diverse spectrum of ratings enhance the credibility of the platform. As a result, we do not filter, adjust, or otherwise alter customer reviews including negative reviews.

What determines which reviews are published on BankerAdvisor?

Submitted reviews are vetted by our editorial team to authenticate the identity of the reviewer through LinkedIn account verification and other means. In addition, reviews are evaluated to ensure that they meet our submission requirements, are consistent with our community guidelines, and are assessed for any potential conflicts of interest or indications of concern to the editorial team prior to being approved for publishing. Please visit our Community Guidelines for additional information.

Why was a previously published review removed?

The reviews program is continuously evolving. As we improve our methods, we periodically audit previously published reviews as they are flagged by our system or editorial team. If a past review does not meet our current standards or guidelines, it may be removed by our team.

What happens if a fraudulent review is discovered?

If a review is found to be fraudulent by our editorial team, it will be removed from our site. In addition, the reviewer may be subject to removal from any outreach campaigns and/or banned from leaving future reviews on our site. If a vendor is found to have participated in fraudulent activity, their account may be subject to future penalties such as a publicly visible warning about suspicious activity.

What determines a review to be fraudulent?

BankerAdvisor is committed to helping our users make better decisions regarding financial services based on verified and insightful reviews. Our editorial team is watchful for indications that information may be falsified, fraudulent, or misleading as this could lead to inappropriate reviews being published and undermine the value of BankerAdvisor to its community.

Examples of user profiles and reviews that may be determined to contain misleading, false, or fraudulent information or violate our community guidelines include the following:

  • Any misrepresentation of the user profile
  • Any misrepresentation in the review as to the customer’s genuine experience
  • Payment, other financial interest, or conflict of interest for the submission of the review

Please refer to our Community Guidelines for additional information regarding our reviews, authentication process, and publishing.

What results in a review not meeting submission requirements or community guidelines?

Our editorial team determines whether a review qualifies for our submission requirements and adheres to our community standards. The cornerstones of our review authentication process are:

  • Verification of the reviewer profile
  • Determination that the review represents a legitimate customer experience
  • No indications of potential conflicts of interest
  • Content that meets our submission requirements and community guidelines

Please refer to our Community Guidelines for additional information regarding our reviews, authentication process, and publishing.

Can fraudulent reviews pass the verification process?

We don’t think so. Our editorial team’s authentication and verification process is designed to prevent fraudulent reviews and ensure compliance with our submission standards and community guidelines. While our process is robust, it does rely on the discretion of our editorial team. As a result, it is not practical to expect that a review below our standards will be published. BankerAdvisor relies on our community of users to make our team aware of any concerns with a review by contacting us at [email protected]. For more information about notifying our editorial team about a review, please see our Community Guidelines for more information.

Can competitors submit reviews?

No. Reviews submitted by competitors would violate our submission requirements and community guidelines. Our process for authenticating user profiles includes procedures designed to determine that the reviewer has accurately represented their identity, identify fraudulent submissions, and identify conflicts of interest such as competitors or financial incentives. Please see an overview of our Community Guidelines for more details.

How do I report a concern that a published review is suspicious or may contain falsified information?

Our editorial review process is principally focused on guarding against the publishing of falsified, fraudulent, fake, or misleading reviews. As a result, in addition to utilizing technology and third-party information, our vetting process relies on an element of judgment from the editorial team in connection with assessing the credibility of user profiles and reviews. If you believe that a published review warrants investigation, please email our editorial team at [email protected] along with details regarding your concerns.

Does BankerAdvisor edit the contents of reviews?

Only minimally. Our editorial team individually vets all submitted reviews prior to being published. We may make minor edits or corrections that do not alter the meaning of the content. Our editorial team may also remove certain content at its discretion if it is determined that the information would not be compliant with our Community Guidelines or Privacy Policy. For additional information, please visit our Community Guidelines and Privacy Policy.

Are old reviews removed after a certain period of time?

No. Reviews approved and published by our editorial team will not be removed after a certain period of time so as to preserve and protect the integrity of our platform with the community. As service providers’ businesses evolve and mature, the quality and breadth of their services will progress and will be reflected in the customer feedback in the form of reviews. We believe that this is valuable context and insight for our community of users.

How do I report a concern that a published review is falsified?

If you believe that a review may be fake, fraudulent, or based on untrue information, please email your concerns to [email protected]. Please include a reference to the firm and a link to the review along with information supporting your concern.