A boutique refers to a small financial firm that specializes in providing personalized and specialized services to a specific niche or clientele. These boutique firms often focus on a particular area such as mergers and acquisitions, asset management, private equity, or advisory services. They differentiate themselves from larger, full-service institutions by offering tailored expertise, industry knowledge, and a more personalized approach to client relationships. How Does a Boutique Work? Boutique firms in investment and banking typically work by leveraging their specialized expertise and niche focus to deliver highly customized and personalized services to their clients. They often operate with smaller teams of experienced professionals who possess deep knowledge in their specific area of specialization. Boutiques may focus on building long-term relationships with a select group of clients, providing tailored solutions, strategic advice, and hands-on support. They aim to offer a high level of service and attention, often catering to unique needs and delivering value through their specialized knowledge and networks.

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